One Year Warranty

Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY    Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY

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Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC. How many times have we met the limits of OEM Integration, expandability or the overall sound quality of our audio system upgrades Bit One is the solution. Bit One is a multifunction digital processor capable of interfacing with any analog and/or digital source, turning any ordinary system into one with very highlevel performance.

Despite its compact size, the Bit One is equipped with a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Managed and configured by simple and intuitive computer software, it is possible to make adjustments to improve the signal through each phase of its path; from input to output. A revolutionary technology; making the acoustic domain of your car truly yours. Connectivity with no limits Acoustic reproduction begins with traditional sources such as radio, then Compact Disc and now moving on to the use of new devices like MP3 players, streaming mobile phones or other multimedia devices.

Bit One provides the ability to take advantage of these technologies by bringing them all together, making the most of the musical performance. Eight input channels; four different signal typologies (amplified, preamplified, coaxial electric and toslink optical digital) connect up to six different sources managed through a remote control, making the Bit One a unique interface suitable for any need. Eight analog and/or digital output channels ensure vast expandability for any audio system configuration.

Listening Freedom The Bit One project was born with the aim of creating a perfect acoustical environment in every vehicle, customizable for every listening position, letting you experience true mobile bliss. Todays new vehicles are equipped with audio systems which offer very little, if any, upgrade opportunities. The most technologically advanced factory systems feature proprietary functions that are in most cases essential to the vehicle operation, but their sound is generally unsatisfactory. The feature set of the Bit One, along with software designed and developed to control every parameter of the reproduction, provides the ability to integrate into these complex systems.

With the Bit One, the concept of freedom is at your fingertips. The digital domain The Bit One ushers in a new era of intelligence, where the unlimited calculation ability of the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is combined with an extremely userfriendly interface. Specifically designed for audio applications, the DSP processes the signal in the digital domain: the management and control of the acoustic reproduction are further improved by the accuracy and speed of the digital system. Minimal and compact The Bit One combines simple and complex elements: a smooth top surface opposed to sides full of connection possibilities.

The perfection of the design and proportions equal the flawless layout of its internal technology. The DRC provides direct interface with the user: this Digital Remote Control represents the final step in the Bit Ones functionality. Through an ergonomic knob, adjustments can be made rapidly and accurately. A liquid crystal backlit display provides visual elements to the user.

The compact size and the dark grey aluminium finish allow the DRC to seamlessly integrate into any dash layout; adding a touch of originality and technology. Universal inputs Bit One provides every type of connection for the input sources. Any device with up to 8 amplified hilevel outputs or 6 preamplified lowlevel outputs can be used as the main source. The eight hilevel inputs can be configured to reconstruct a stereo signal, even when used with filtered outputs used to drive component speakers tweeter, midrange, woofer, etc. Thanks to the onscreen instructions provided by the software during the setup, the Bit One can automatically sum multiple filtered channels and then flatten the response curve of the OEM source, and if necessary, can also reconstruct the center and subwoofer channels.

By leading the appropriate track on the provided test disc (CD or DVD for multimedia configurations) the DSP reconstructs the fullbandwidth signal, rectifying its frequency response, providing a flat, full range signal. Outputs The Bit One features eight output channels: either with analog preamplified RCA type connections, or in digital mode with the proprietary AD Link connection. The two different modes can also be used simultaneously by associating the outputs within the custommade software. The AD Link connection uses a standard CAT 5.

S LAN cable terminated with RJ45 connectors to transmit up to eight channels of digital audio to amplifiers equipped with this feature (such as found on the new Audison Thesis TH series). The AC Link is dedicated to the control of the system. It is comprised of one connector for the provided DRC (Digital remote Control) and one for the AC Link provided amplifiers in the system.

Bit One provides three different methods for its remote turn on/off, while generating remote out to turn on/off other components in the system: 1 ART Automatic Remote Turn On/Off circuit is featured on channel one of the hilevel inputs 2 Delayed Key function to turn on/off the system with the keyed ignition function of the vehicle. A Memory function is also provided to remember the last known state of the Bit One. 3 Traditional REM IN terminal, turning on/off the system with the remote out of a connected source. Signal Processing The Bit One features a 32 bit floating point Sharc series DSP by Analoge Devices, with a 266 MHz clock speed, and Wolfson Microelectronics A/D D/A converters working in PCM at 48 kHz with 24 bit resolution: such an excellent hardware combination enabled the use of accurate and elegant algorithms, improving the quality of sound. In addition, the speed of the DSP provides the ability for the user to djust all of the available tuning functions in realtime for immediate results.

Immediate Control The system is controlled by the Digital Remote Control. The DRC, to be installed within easy reach of the user, provides fingertip memories for up to four tuning configurations created and saved by the Bit One.

Ergonomic buttons enable the user to control the various inputs as well as volume, balance, fader and subwoofer level functions. The DRC also enables remote access to the functions of the Audison Thesis TH series amplifiers present in the system. Bit One Software The Bit One software is the right tool for total control of system parameters. Developed according to specific criteria required by the Car Audio industry, it facilitates direct access to the innumerable signal treatment functions available; providing immediate results, as well as extreme operational accuracy.

The Windowsbased (Win2000, xP, Vista) Software can be used in two different working modes. The Standard mode guarantees straight forward and simplified system management achieving great results with little effort: the guided crossover setup procedure, according to the functions assigned to the outputs, assists the user in setting up the crossovers and equalization enabling the tuning of any system in just a few clicks. With the Expert mode, the software provides the ability to freely access all the parameters for a "fullycustom" tuning experience. System Upgrade The Bit One boasts a modern and flexible platform, ensuring the possibility to stay current with technological evolution: the Bit One firmware, based upon Flash memory, can be updated at any time without having to disassemble the device from the system.

S LAN cable for use with AD Link provided amplifiers Connections 1 USB /B (2.0) connector for PC connection 2 AC Link control bus connectors for DRC and AC Link amplifiers System Full range stereo or multichannel signal derived through automatic summing of up to eight high level inputs Configuration Guided procedure to assign input channels to selected output channels based on inputs, speaker and amplifier configuration. If necessary, Bit One creates a rear, subwoofer and center channel output (mixed L+R) from a single stereo input In/Out Volume Input sensitivity automatically adjusted for the main inputs (with supplied Test CD and DVD) Manual input sensitivity adjustment for auxiliary inputs Independent level control for each output channel for system fine tuning (40 ÷ 0 dB) Equalizer Dynamic equalizer: system selfadjusts between low and high listening levels Automatic deequalization of signal fed into the highlevel inputs (with supplied Test CD and DVD) Four separate 31band graphic equalizers 1/3 Oct. ±12dB for each auxiliary inputs Eight independent 31band graphic equalizers 1/3 Oct.

±12dB for each of the eight output channels Crossover Filter typology: Selectable; Hipass, Lopass, Bandpass, Full Range Cutoff frequency: 70 steps available from 10Hz to 20kHz Cutoff slope: Selectable; 6 to 48 dB/Oct. Alignments: Selectable; Linkwitz or Butterworth Mute: Selectable for each output (On/Off) Phase: Selectable for each output (0°/180°) Time Alignment Guided procedure for the inputting of speaker distance with an automated calculation of proper delay times for each channel for accurate time alignment setup. System also provides for manual fine tuning of delay.

DRC Master Volume control, Subwoofer Volume control, Balance control, Fader control, Input selection, Memory selection, Dynamic Equalizer On/Off Memory 4 presets separately managed and recalled from the DRC Remote Control Standard Mode Simplified management of crossover and equalization functions for expedient setup and use Expert Mode Full management of crossover and equalization functions for full reference grade system tuning. Goods can be collected from our store during normal shop hours (Mon-Sat).

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: BITONE
  • Brand: Audison

Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY    Audison BIT-One Interface Processor including Audison DRC FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY