One Year Warranty

New 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A one year warranty

New 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A one year warranty

New 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A one year warranty    New 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A one year warranty

The VFD-EL series is multiple functions new generation micro type AC drives. It has built in EMI filter, RFI switch, easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation, high precision current detection, overload protection, and a built in keypad. Output frequency: 0.1 600Hz. 3 points adjustable V/f curve. Built-in EMI filter (for models 230V 1-phase and 460V 3-phase).

Use RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) with Modbus protocol. Optional communication modules for multiple communication protocols, such as Profibus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and CANopen. 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A Variable Frequency Driver CNC. Small size pump & fan, blowing machine, conveyer belt, simple DIY processing equipment. SPWM(Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) control (V/F control).

Including the auto-torque/auto/slip compensation: starting torque can be 150% at 5.0Hz. 150% of rated current for 1 minute. Three zones, setting range 0.1-600Hz. 0.1 to 600 seconds(2 Independent settings for Accel/Decel time).

Setting 20 to 250% of rated current. Operation frequency 0.1-600.0Hz, output 0-100% rated current. Starting time 0-60 seconds, stop time 0-60 seconds, stop time 0-60 seconds. 20% up to 125% possible with optional brake resistor or externally mounted brake unit. 1-15hp(0.75-11kw)models have brake chopper built-in.

Setting by up and down. Potentiometer-5K/0.5W, 0 to + 10VDC, 4 to 20mA, RS-485 interface. Multi-function Inputs 3 to 6(15 steps, Jog, up/down).

Set by RUN and STOP. 2 wires/3 wires(MI1, MI2, MI3), JOG operation, RS-485 serial interface(MODBUS), programmable logic controller. Multi-step selection 0 to 15, Jog, accel/decel inhibit, 2 accel/decel switches, counter, external Base Block, ACI/AVI selections, driver reset, Up/DOWN key setting, NPN/PNP input selection. AC drive operation, frequency attained, counter attained, zero speed, Base Block, fault indication, overheat alarm, emergency stop and statues selections of input terminals.

Contact will be ON when drive malfunctions (1 Form C/change-over contact or 1 open collector output). AVR, accel/decel S-Curve, over-voltage/over-current stall prevention, 5 fault records, reverse inhibition, momentary power loss restart, DC braking, auto torque/slip compensation, adjustable carrier frequency, output frequency limits, parameter lock/reset, PID control, external counter, MODBUS communication, abnormal reset, abnormal re-start, power-saving, fan control, sleep/wake frequency, 1st/2ne frequency source selections, 1st/2ndfrequency source combination, NPN/PNP selection, constant pressure function.

Over voltage, over current, under voltage, external fault, overload, ground fault, overheating , electronic thermal, IGBT short circuit, PTC. 6-key, 7-segment LED with 4-digit, 4 status LEDs, master frequency, output frequency, output current, custom units, parameter values for setup and lock, faults, RUN, STOP, RESET, FWD/REV. For 230V 1-phase and 460V 3-phase models. Altitude 1000m or lower, keep from corrosive gasses, liquid and dust. 100C to 500C(400C for side-by-side mounting) Non-condensing and not frozen.

9.80665m/s2(1G) less than 20Hz, 5.88m/s2(0.6G) at 20 to 50Hz. 3-phase Proportional to Twice the Input Voltage. 3-phase Proportional to Input Voltage. If you want to return the item, please make sure the item is un-opened.

When you found the item is DOA, Please let us know at once, we will tell you how to return it by our VIP chanael. If you have any questions, please send us. 1PC 1-8S 2 in1 RC Li-ion Lipo Battery Low Voltage Meter Tester Buzzer Alarm. 3.3-5V SW420 SW-420 Motion Tilt Sensor Vibration Switch Alarm Module Arduino. New 50pcs L7805CV LM7805 7805 Voltage Regulator +5V 1.5A LDO Power supply TO-220.

2PCS NEW TEMT6000 Light Sensor TEMT6000 Professional Light Sensor Arduino. New Siemens 6ES7953-8LJ30-0AA0 S7-300MMC memory card 512KB. New Siemens 6ES7953-8LF31-0AA0 MMC internal memory card 64KB.

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New 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A one year warranty    New 3HP 2.2KW Delta VFD Inverter 220V 3ph VFD022EL21A one year warranty